Distance learning education has spontaneously evolved as one of the learning platforms in numerous universities and institutions today. Distance learning is a form of learning education which is invariably off school- of the four walls of the classroom, in distance learning education, students need not be physically present in the classroom. In the past, it involves lecture correspondence course via post of such school or institution. However, as technology and internet have positively evolved, it merely involves online education.


The advantages of distance learning education are heartfelt in the students as well as the institution offering the distance learning course; online education has also proved to be a productive and fascinating form of learning in the present world of learning today. The significant advantages of distant learning include;


Flexibility- The structure of a distant learning programme is quite flexible for both students and institutions. Students get to choose when and where its best and appropriate for them to study. They get to be able to proceed with learning and at the same time fitting with their healthy home and work life. For the institution, its quite flexible; all its need is an online presence where courses and lectures would occasionally be uploaded.


Access to study- In a distant learning programme, where you live does not matter as you can obtain a degree from anywhere around the world,  the stress of adapting in some foreign country as an international student is gone. With online education, Just sit down conveniently at home and obtain a degree from anywhere around the world.


Cost- A distant learning often costs far lesser than a full-time learning programme. You do not expect me sitting down in my house and learning from a university to pay as more as you in the classroom; accessing the institution’s infrastructure and facilities, sports, social programme and lots more. In the short-run, the cost of a distance learning programme is less expensive.

Other advantages of distance learning education are the ability to gain extra skills and knowledge, smooth as the stress of obtaining and processing a visa is downline, as well as the stress of learning the country communication language is out. Bottom-line, a distant learning program is less stressful.


However, despite the advantages of distant learning programme listed above, it is also posed to some disadvantages to learners this includes;

  1. At first, novices find it hard and frustrating on how to get online.
  2. Students do not feel the in-school experiences of personal relation, challenges, and others; which makes them experienced students.
  3. A glitch in internet provider downtime or access site.
  4. There is a lag of feedback and response between learners, support resolution, and the institution.
  5. Students lack access to infrastructures and social interaction.
  6. Not all learners can fit into the format and style of learning.
  7. In the world today, some major employers do not accept the online degree as they feel it is not an ideal tool for some job fields which involves practical.


The student should, however, jolt between the disadvantages and advantages of distant learning and choose what is best for them in term of flexibility and social interaction.

Information and Communication Engineering students can now apply for this fully-funded PhD scholarship to study in South Korea 2018


The Chosun University located in South Korea is offering every eligible foreign students the opportunity to study and earn their PhD degree in South Korea. This grant for school is offered by the SoC Design Lab, Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Chosun University.

This grant for school is open to pursue a PhD degree only. This scholarship for a PhD degree program is not restricted from anyone. Every foreign and domestic student is eligible to apply provided they possess evidence of completion of previous degrees such as Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degrees.

This scholarship is created to prepare young and enthusiastic individuals for the task of bio implanting sensing devices, which is now a critical aspect of medical analysis.

For many decades now, the Chosun University has admitted and trained many foreign students in their post-grad degree program. Plus, the institution is seriously working on improving the online experience of its learners when it comes to online education.

The scholarship is open to pursue a PhD degree program. Scholars can study the following courses at the institution; Analog Circuit Design for IT related Area.

The scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship.

Scholarship Type: This offer is opened for students wanting to pursue a PhD degree only.

Scholarship Duration: This scholarship will be tenable throughout the length of the course of study.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship offered by the SoC Design Lab, Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Chosun University covers the full expenses required for the PhD degree program and scholars are also entitled to receive a research grant worth up to 3,000 USD.

Number of Available Scholarship Positions: The numbers of available scholarship positions is not specified.

Host/Sponsor: This grant for school is sponsored by the SoC Design Lab, Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Chosun University and will be taken in Chosun University, South Korea.

Eligible Countries: Students from all nationalities are qualified to apply for this scholarship award offered by the SoC Design Lab, Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Chosun University.

Please note that applicants whose native language is not English will be required to submit their IELTS/TOEFL score.

How to apply

All academic transcripts and certificates must be sent as soft copies to the PhD advisor at the hosting institution.

Graduation certificates, Curriculum Vitae, a copy of the English test score, Master/PhD thesis in PDF file format, published journal.

Scholars may decide whether or not to live in school dormitory.

Official Links

Application Form

Scholarship Link

Why Students Need to Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships have opened the gateway for many students who think they can never complete their education as they are financially handicapped, although, not every scholarship programme is money based. However, at least students get to proceed with their education at a maximized level of comfort and exposure. Scholarship has played a vital role in educating a percentage of the world’s populace today; it has given students access to education far away from home and beyond the confines of their territory.

Some students may even wonder if there are any scholarship for learners enrolled for online education at all, but yes there are countless scholarships for people enrolled for online education.

So, why do students need to apply for scholarships? Student’s primary reason to apply for student grant is to widen their chances of getting an education at both home and broad, as well as to make their education as smooth as possible. Other reasons why students need to apply for scholarships are;

Access to grants and stipends– No scholarship whatsoever won’t give successful applicants access to grants or stipends. These include, free or a percentage of tuition fee, housing allowance, health insurance, research allowance and lots more of the award which would make study ease for students.

As a student, whether rich, average, or poor, it is very advisable to opt for a scholarship because it lets you pay less for your education.

Exposure- Scholarships exposes students to the world today. They get to interact with a different set of people away from home; they get to learn new ideas, inculcate modern culture and explore the behavioral pattern and attitude of people around them. They get exposed to different obstacles and hindrances and how to get their way around them.

Some students studying abroad today wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for scholarships and student grants.

Cost of education is high– Presently, in the world today, the cost of tuition for colleges and universities is high. Students are often faced with the challenges of either dropping out of school or schooling and working at the same moment just to keep on with learning.

Scholarships makes learning easier for students finding it hard to pay the price of education and it has also given financially disabled students access to education without financially straining their parents or guardians.

Experience- Even if students apply for a scholarship and they do not get to be shortlisted, although that might be depressing. However, he/she have added much more to his/her experience. Students can identify where it all went wrong and swivel amongst other opportunities smoothly, as they are already exposed to the world of scholarships.

Students should, however, inculcate the habit of applying for a scholarship; they should try their luck on any scholarship. You never know how you would be uplifted to have a smooth and scholarship funded education.


Getting an online university to study online courses is no much of a big deal. However, there are many universities out there which gives access to online education. How do students get to apply for the best online universities in the world today? Getting a best online university is not as easy as assuring that the courses intended to take is accredited in the university. So as not to make your online education session be a waste, apply for the best online universities in the world today which all courses they offer online is accredited by the University board.

Harvard University, John Hopkins University, and Michigan state university are one of the top online universities with virtually all of their courses accredited in the world today.


Harvard University in Cambridge, MA-

Harvard University is a private insitution located in Cambridge, United States.  It’s on eof the Ivy League research university in massachusetts. It is a prestigous university established in 1636. The school is nicknamed “harvard crimson”.

Students who study online courses in Harvard University are given a chance to choose courses they intend to study at different schedules. The university also offers online courses which are accredited via the Harvard extension school. This course includes web conference courses, a weekend on -campus and video tutorials.


Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD-

John Hopkins University popularly known as Hopkins, or JHU is an American university located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a private university. This institution is reffered as the first research institution in the US.

This fantastic university offers some online courses for credit and some others entirely for free. Their online courses awards certificates, graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees and training in education, nursing, engineering, business, arts, and sciences.


There are about 45 online courses in the university which students can choose from and are not required to be registered with the university. This system is tagged ‘COURSERA.’


Michigan state university-

The Michigan State University abbreviated as MSU is a public institution based in East Lancing, Michigan, United States. This institution was founded and established in 1855.

It is the first tertiary institution in the US to teach scientific agriculture. As of today, MSU is one of the largest universities in the United States in the terms of student registration.

As of 2017, the Michigan State University possesses an endowment of $3 billion.

This university offers more than one hundred accredited online courses mostly for graduate and professional level. The online degree offered by the university requires some in-person contact, online programmes are available in game design, web design, cybersecurity, pharmacology, nursing education and lots more.


Other top accredited online universities are Ohio state university, Pennsylvania State University, Indiana University- Bloomington, University of California, University of Washington- Seattle and lots more.

You may look up this institutions and decide which one best fits your academic desires.