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Brief Description

In every corner of the world, there is an issue of malnutrition and starvation occurring in the lives of multiple individuals. Some people are ignorant of this fact while others are aware of this information but don’t know how they can help.

This course will enlighten it’s learners on the issue of global food wastage, and how humans have been handling the influence of new innovations on the food industry.

Learn how the food industry has been influenced by innovation, how humans have been handling the problem of global food waste, and what actually influences the way people shop whenever they are out to buy something.

This free online course is a two-week course planned to commence January 2018. This free online course is offered by the University of Leeds. It can be studied by teachers who wish to increase their resource base, and it is also available for students who want to independently read and broaden their knowledge on issues related to the food industry.

Course information at a glance

Course Effort: A study period of 2 hours/week will be required to complete this course at the stipulated time-frame.

Course Provider: This free online course is provided by the University of Leeds.

Course Length: This course is tenable for two weeks only.

Language: The language of instruction for this course is only English language. Learners having difficulties understanding English language are expected to enroll for extra classes to improve their English proficiency.

Price: This course is free. Joining the online class is free. No fee is required to participate in this free course.

This course is based on a case study form mark and spencer. It reveals how the way we shop has been influenced by new innovations today.

This course will also bring your attention back to the issue of food waste existing in our society today; considering the fact that there are people who are seriously suffering from starvation and malnutrition.

Via this online class, you will learn how the society is responding to this worldwide food issue.


Learning Expectations

By the end of the online classes, learners should be able to:

  • Identify the different levels of innovation.
  • Discover the different types of revolution, and bring up an example for each.

And much more.

Course Requirements

This course is primarily designed for schools and colleges. It is part of their Going to University package.


Dan Trowsdale. Dan Trowsdale teaches at the University of Leeds. His focuses are on creativity, innovation, and employability.


How to join the course

  • Visit the course website
  • Create an account on the website.

Applicants of this course should note that acquiring an evidence (certificate) of completion of this course may require some payments to be made.

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Title: Free Online Course on Food Industry

Body: (Hi Name), apply for this free online course which tells why we shop the way we do, and how new innovations have affected food supply and wastage all over the world…

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  1. I found this programme quiet educative and informative only that i missed out the time.wanting to know when next it will comes up.

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