Getting an online university to study online courses is no much of a big deal. However, there are many universities out there which gives access to online education. How do students get to apply for the best online universities in the world today? Getting a best online university is not as easy as assuring that the courses intended to take is accredited in the university. So as not to make your online education session be a waste, apply for the best online universities in the world today which all courses they offer online is accredited by the University board.

Harvard University, John Hopkins University, and Michigan state university are one of the top online universities with virtually all of their courses accredited in the world today.


Harvard University in Cambridge, MA-

Harvard University is a private insitution located in Cambridge, United States.  It’s on eof the Ivy League research university in massachusetts. It is a prestigous university established in 1636. The school is nicknamed “harvard crimson”.

Students who study online courses in Harvard University are given a chance to choose courses they intend to study at different schedules. The university also offers online courses which are accredited via the Harvard extension school. This course includes web conference courses, a weekend on -campus and video tutorials.


Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD-

John Hopkins University popularly known as Hopkins, or JHU is an American university located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a private university. This institution is reffered as the first research institution in the US.

This fantastic university offers some online courses for credit and some others entirely for free. Their online courses awards certificates, graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees and training in education, nursing, engineering, business, arts, and sciences.


There are about 45 online courses in the university which students can choose from and are not required to be registered with the university. This system is tagged ‘COURSERA.’


Michigan state university-

The Michigan State University abbreviated as MSU is a public institution based in East Lancing, Michigan, United States. This institution was founded and established in 1855.

It is the first tertiary institution in the US to teach scientific agriculture. As of today, MSU is one of the largest universities in the United States in the terms of student registration.

As of 2017, the Michigan State University possesses an endowment of $3 billion.

This university offers more than one hundred accredited online courses mostly for graduate and professional level. The online degree offered by the university requires some in-person contact, online programmes are available in game design, web design, cybersecurity, pharmacology, nursing education and lots more.


Other top accredited online universities are Ohio state university, Pennsylvania State University, Indiana University- Bloomington, University of California, University of Washington- Seattle and lots more.

You may look up this institutions and decide which one best fits your academic desires.


  1. I wish to apply for a further studies and I have a diploma in community and clinical science which is an clinical course here in Sierra Leone at the Njala university Freetown .But I want to do further studies which I stated above and I wish you will grant me a scholarship to continue am waiting to here from you

  2. I wish to for the scholarship, I finished the upper secondary school this year. But I want to achieve my career now the huge problem that I have is financial challenges. It has started since in grade eight (8),for to finished the it the grace of God. My career is to do health medicine.please if any chance I am here in Zambia.


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